About Us

Lynn Occupational Therapy is a private family owned and operated practice since 2000. Dale Lynn began Lynn OT as a sole practitioner. Over the last 15+ years, the company has grown to offer a multidisciplinary approach and variety of services. Lynn Occupational Therapy takes pride in its staff being trained in the most up to date interventions and resources. 

Our Facility 


Lynn Occupational Therapy, LLC. strives to facilitate independence of individual's daily living skills, educational engagement, social participation, family roles and community involvement.


Provide exemplary services to individuals grounded in evidence-based research, cutting edge technology, and utilizing a holistic view of the person. 

Employs trained therapists who demonstrate excellent client care and knowledge on effective treatment strategies. 

Collaborates with clients and families to create home programs that facilitate therapeutic carryover; including assistive technology to enhance independence. 

Establishes a therapeutic environment which accelerates progress towards client goals.

Facilitate the growth and competence of the profession through mentoring fieldwork students through clinical education.